Directed by Ebrahim Poshtkouhi, “Hey Macbeth, Only the First Dog Knows Why It Is Barking” will be performed for the public in Yerevan following its stage in Armenia’s High Fest International Theatre Festival. The play is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Bandar Abbas’s Titowak Theater Group left for Armenia this morning and following its first performance on Thursday, October 6, in Armenia’s High Fest, the play will be staged for the public on October 8.

The musical comedy blends the Zar ritual of Iran’s southern Hormozgan Province with William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Macbeth.

Zar is a legacy from slavery as it was performed by African slaves who were brought to southern Iran. They performed it on weekends in order to gain energy to enable them to bear the burden of bondage for the rest of the week. Over time, ordinary people also joined in their musical rite comprising ecstatic dance with dammam (tom-tom) playing.

Today, Zar is mostly performed by workers in a group named ahl-e hava, which is conducted by a leader called a babazari.

In “Hey Macbeth, Only the First Dog Knows Why It Is Barking”, Macbeth commits a crime to join an ahl-e hava to become a babazari.

Yerevan is currently hosting HIGH FEST -2011 9th international theater festival which will run through 8. It is supported by the Armenian President and the Ministry of Culture.

Over 30 theatrical groups from 18 states will participate in the festival, among them are UK, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Iran, India and other states.



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