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The play takes place in a modern and location-less atmosphere and it turns around the violence of a patriarchal society against the women and also includes the main elements of the hell version like lust, indulgence, anger, violation, villainy, mendacity and slay.
In the style of performance, I, as the director, have tried to eliminate realistic elements of life and apply limited objects, like stool and craft to advance the play in a minimal space context.
Experimental and creative theater provides us with the ability of creating novel and extremely new space and atmospheres by the use of limited elements and by making the best use of actor and actress’s body as the most important element of the theater.


In Devine Comedy creating atmosphere was my main concern as the director.
In this play, which is mainly based on motion and movement, as the other experiments of Titowak theater group, there is a sincere concern about mixing different styles and methods and also to collage various cultures.
The play has the ability to be staged on a two sided set design, which on each side cast of different cultures and countries could act, and at the end of the play these two groups of actors and actresses will become to a common place and will join each other and merge together.
The body of performers and the stool are the crucial elements of the play “Devine Comedy: Hell”, which create a “flat world”, bringing the main concept of the play-refrain from violence- to the contemporary human being