Macbeth of Zar

Hey Macbeth, Only the First Dog Knows Why It Is Barking

The play has been based on Ebrahim Poshtkuhi’s (Director) research (his theory of common roots of Eastern Drama). The use of oriental music and different kinds of local music (from Japan, Africa…) has helped the play attaining a kind of cultural polyphony.
Poshtkuhi believes that the play is a sort of patchwork which ends in unity and harmony of pieces. He also calls his play a kind of collage. His idea is that the very art of an artist is to combine different techniques in a way to come to a novel, and at the same time, unified form of theatre.
“Hey Macbeth” won the award of the New Experience Section at the 28th Tehran International Theater Festival in January 2009.
In addition, it was warmly received by theatergoers during its premiere at the City Theater in Tehran in August 2010.
The play also took part in Armenia’s HighFest theater festival and was invited to France’s Avignon festival.
In 2012 the play was awarded as the best theater ensemble and best performance in Moscow Nights Theater Festival.
A complete version of the performance is available at Titowak Youtube Channel.