The Last Pomegranate of the World

The last Pomegranate of the World(dwahamin hanari donya),Is a Kurdish novel written by Bachtyar Ali, a Kurdish novelist whose works are actually contemporary Kurdish masterpieces. This novel,as many Kurdish writers and critiques assert, is a different literary work in which there are transparent illustrations of the contemporary human condition such war,Orphanage,the lives of different social classes and antagonism, and furthermore the crisis of contemporary human’s identity which is trapped by ideology. I recommend my friends to read it. There are two translations of the novel in Persian, Fist it was translated by Arash Sanjabi, newly it has been translated by Mariwan Halabjayi.

The second Novel of Alli is Parwaneh’s Evining (Ewaray Parwana) which was also translated in to Persian called (GHroub e Parwaneh).It deals with the life of a girl(Parwaneh) who is afraid of being forgotten some day,her traumatic life events and memorial of her death is narrated by KHandan, her sister.

For more reading,The City of the White Musicians(Shari Musiqara spiyakan) and Mansion Of the sad Birds(Koshki Balnda GHamginakan)The two other books by Bachtyar Ali were also translated in Persian called(Shahre mousiqidanane sefid) and (Qasr e Parandegan e Ghamgin)by Reza Karim Mojaver.